About Us

Gotahold Brewng
We knew that our brewery would not just be about making beer; it would be about intentionality. It had to align with our own desired quality of life, because if we weren’t happy, what’s the point? It would have to be able to contribute to the community through economic, environmental and social justice. Andthrough the experience at the brewery and drinking the beer, would change our patrons.
Finding the place was far easier than finding the name. Everything we thought of some iteration had been taken. We were about to give up and just use our family name, but neither of us could fully commit to it.
When we arrived in Eureka Springs, people would ask what brought us to town. We’d share that we are opening a brewery. We’d then ask them the same question. The day Dave was in Vermont closing on our house was the third time I’d heard the same response, “This place just got a hold of us.” Part of it is the place. Most of it is the people. There is something truly magical about Eureka Springs. There was an ah-ha on this third time of hearing it.
Eureka Springs had gotten a hold of us, too. That’s why we decided to name our brewery Gotahold Brewing to honor the place, the journey, and the magic that has brought it to life. An unusual name for sure, one that people who’ve never been to the town can really understand. But those who have get it. Soon, the beer, like the place will get a hold of you, too.


Provide share-worthy beer and memorable experiences, do good for the planet, its people, and our community.



Changing customers perception of beer while inspiring deeper connection, compassion, and positive action in our world.



  1. Make thought provoking, artisanal beer that elicits a declaration of “Wow!”
    • Fresh, quality products made with quality ingredients (locally sourced when possible)
    • A positively memorable experience
  2. Build for the long term:
    • Commitment to operating with integrity
    • Harness the strength of our team members, listen and encourage creativity on all levels, encourage continued personal and professional development/growth, honor personal accountability and responsibility in taking ownership in the product we produce
    • Commit to honoring the planet with sustainable practices
    • Create a place of community and contribute positively to the larger community we reside and work in
    • Our team extends beyond our employees- from consumers to contributors within all aspects of the brewing process. We are committed to knowing them and listening to their ideas and feedback
    • Engage courageous honesty and frank self-assessment within ourselves and each other in regards to the work we do
    • Commitment to innovation
  3. Fun. While we love and are passionate about making awesome beer with our team, this process should never be all consuming. We celebrate life and the diversity it brings. If what we’re doing isn’t fun, we need to re-evaluate.
  4. Commitment to brewing/beer education to elevate the knowledge of staff and consumers.

Dave Hartmann

Dave Hartmann has been commercially brewing beer for 26 years. He is a Master Brewer, with a diploma from the brewing program at UC Davis. He has worked in small brewpubs as well as overseeing a 100,000+ barrel production brewery. He has commercially brewed in Vermont, California, Wisconsin, New York, and Germany. He has won numerous medals at the World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Fest. He is also a Cicerone Level 1. He has served as a consultant and educator within the craft field. He was a co-owner of Empire Brewing in New York. Dave will serve as the Brewmaster and assist with administrative and taproom duties.


Wendy Reese Hartmann

Wendy Reese Hartmann has been in the health and fitness field for over 26 years working with private clients, corporate clients, and groups. She has taught thousands of students. She holds a MA in Applied Community Change and Conservation. She has operated her business, Whole Being Inc, since 2004. She has written/published three books, maintained a blog since 2008, and hosts a podcast. She has studied marketing with Seth Godin. She has also been a huge fan of craft beer for a dozen years and has worked with breweries in Arizona and Vermont for over 10 years serving beer and interacting with consumers at festivals and special events. She is a Cicerone Level I.