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Dave Hartmann

Master Brewer, Maintenance, Co-Owner

Dave Hartmann has been commercially brewing beer for 31 years. He is a Master Brewer, with a diploma from the brewing program at UC Davis. He has worked in small brewpubs as well as overseeing a 100,000+ barrel production brewery. He has commercially brewed in Vermont, California, Wisconsin, New York, and Germany. He has won numerous medals at the World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Fest. He is also a Cicerone Level 1. He has served as a consultant and educator within the craft field. He was a co-owner of Empire Brewing in New York. Dave serves as the Brewmaster and head Sales/Distribution here at Gotahold Brewing.

A little brewery in Eureka Springs, AR

When we arrived in Eureka Springs, people would ask what brought them to town. They’d share that they came to open a brewery. They’d then ask them the same question. The third time they heard the response, “This place just got a hold of us” something clicked. Part of it is the place. Most of it is the people. There is something truly magical about Eureka Springs.
Eureka Springs had gotahold of Dave and Wendy, too. That’s why they decided to name the brewery Gotahold Brewing to honor the place, the journey, and the magic that has brought it to life. An unusual name for sure, one that people who’ve never been to the town can’t really understand. But those who have get it.
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Wendy Reese Hartmann

Chief Experience Originator, Co-owner

Wendy Reese Hartmann has been in the health and fitness field for 31 years working with private clients, corporate clients, and groups. She has taught thousands of students. She holds a MA in Applied Community Change and Conservation. She has written/published three books, maintained a blog for 12 years, hosted two podcasts, and remains a teacher on Insight Timer. She has studied marketing with Seth Godin. A huge fan of craft beer for many years, she has worked with breweries in Arizona and Vermont for over 10 years serving beer and interacting with consumers at festivals and special events. She is a Cicerone Level I. Wendy serves on the Northwest Arkansas Tourism Association Board of Directors as well as the Mayor’s Economic Development Task Force where she chairs the Sustainability Committee. Wendy books all the music and art for Gotahold Brewing and just about everything else Dave doesn’t do. 

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Sherry Bryan brewery eureka springs arkansas

Sherry Bryan, Taproom Bosslady

Sherry Bryan started as a customer of Gotahold before moving into a part-time beertender position. It wasn’t terribly long before we realized what great leadership skills she has and moved her to Bosslady over the Taproom. Sherry is Cicerone Level 1 certified. When she’s not working at Gotahold, she works with horses in Bentonville and substitute teaches at Eureka Springs Public Schools. She also has mad dance moves!

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Alyssa Zimmerman, Taproom/Packaging

Alyssa is a ceramist who moonlights as a beertender and packaging goddess. She has a way with words and writes bar none the best tasting notes on Untappd. Alyssa is Cicerone Level 1 certified.

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The Raven

The raven is a protective totem for us. No offense to Mr. Poe, it has nothing to do with him. Ravens are intelligent, playful, intuitive, problem-solving birds who aren’t afraid of the “shadows”.

Our raven and our logo were designed by Tom Rzonca.


Provide share-worthy beer and memorable experiences, do good for the planet, its people, and our community.


Changing customers perception of beer while inspiring deeper connection, compassion, and positive action in our world.


Musicians and Artists

To be considered for booking, please email info@gotahol.beer and include samples of your work, availability, and booking rates (musicians). 

Donation Requests

We primarily support organizations in Northwest Arkansas. If you are seeking silent auction items, please email us with the event, date, how funds raised through the auction will be used, who the audience will be, how the event will be promoted, and how much was raised at previous events.

We do not donate beer to events.