August Organization(s) Of The Month

We had some tough years financially when I was a child. Sometimes we didn’t have much food. When I was in 9th grade, because of my last name starting with R, I often sat towards the back of the class. I couldn’t see the blackboard. I was squinting all the time and getting terrible headaches. I knew I needed glasses, but I also knew we didn’t have the money. We made just a tad too much to qualify for assistance programs and I don’t know that my parents would have applied if we did qualify. Pride is a terrible thing. I ate a roll (10 cents) with honey so I could save the remaining $1.90 every school day for 2 years. Sometimes a friend would share their salad or I’d have a bowl of cereal when I got home. I can remember being hungry and trying to focus on my classes.


There is now substantial scientific evidence that hunger can negatively impact learning. No child should be hungry, especially at school. No matter what home environment a child has, school should be that safe harbor of nourishment for the body, mind and soul. A place they can grow and become the best version of themselves.


That’s why we’ve chosen The Granny Fund and Answering The Call as our August Organizations.

The Granny Fund

About 34 percent of children at Eureka Springs School qualify for free meals through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. If that rate were just a bit higher, 40 percent, all students at the school would qualify for free meals. But since that isn’t the case, some kids can fall through the gaps. There are families who qualify who don’t apply. It is usually children of those families who fall through the cracks. The Granny Fund provides over 2000 meals to students in Eureka Springs public schools annually.

Answering the Call

What started as providing a weeks worth of meals to people who’d lost their jobs during the COVID-19 shutdown, evolved into providing meals for youth through the summer. The school had continued to provide meals for the students in the free and reduced program, delivered by the school buses daily until school ended. Answering the Call picked up where the school left off, extending their program an additional two weeks when the start of the school year was delayed. The program is grant and donation funded and run by two staff at the United Methodist Church of Eureka Springs and a lot of volunteers who put meals together and then deliver them (Dave and Wendy volunteer to deliver).

How you can help.

Every Thursday, we donate 100% of our tips to the organization of the month. Some of our events in August will also be donating 5% of their proceeds to these organizations. If you’d like to make an additional donation, please reach out and we can put you in touch.




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