Brewer’s Notes: Black Is Beautiful

In brewing this beer, we set out to celebrate all the flavors that we love in black beers: roasty, coffee-like notes, dark chocolate and delicious malty sweetness balanced with the pleasant bitterness that accompanies deeply roasted grains. As cooler comes on, we’re delighted to release this beautifully black, incredible drinking experience at the taproom in limited quantities of cans and draft.

We love all beer, but there’s something wonderful about a beer this dark. The very appearance of the beer brings delectable expectations. An opaquely black beer capped with a creamy tan foam tells the drinker the beer has that depth of flavor that the dark beer fanatic truly craves. The aroma is reminiscent of an espresso brownie: dark coffee notes with an undertone of sweet chocolate, an aroma worth savoring for a bit before taking the first sip.

That first sip brings a sweetness and a thick, silky mouthfeel: almost oily as it coats the mouth with deliciousness. The grainy roastiness and pleasant bitterness of the beer bring the flavor into balance. Subtle hints in the aroma beckon another sip. At 9% ABV, this beer is not for casual quaffing, more an aperatif or nightcap than a refresher.

We’re happy to again partner with the Northwest Arkansas Urban League Young Professionals with this beer. All profits will go towards projects they are undertaking around food security in NWA.

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