Brewer’s Notes: Fillin’ & Headin’

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This is the beer we want in the cooler, waiting in the car for us at the end of a hike. Same goes for mountain biking. Or in any situation involving a boat: frankly said, this is the perfect boat beer. Hoppy without being heavy, crushable without being bland, this beer we’re calling Fillin’ and Headin’ is that quenching, somewhat oddly named thing we call a Session IPA. That great malt and hoppy flavor is there, but in a very straightforward and evanescent way so that each sip leaves you ready for another one. Weighing in at a mild 4.7% alcohol by volume, this is a beer you can knock back.

We brewed this one with American Malt and Hops, fermented with ale yeast  and dry hopped with Mosaic hops, which give the beer a lovely fruity hoppiness. The elements of a great, well-balance beer are all lined up for this one, but all in moderation. A mild maltiness meets a restrained bitterness about half-way between sip and gulp. A pleasant, but not overdone hop aroma dances atop the maltiness and yeast character. In short, there’s enough of everything, but not too much of anything.

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