Brewer’s notes: Jamaica Brut

Gotahold Brewing Jamaica Brut

Jamaica Brut is a medium sour ale boiled and fermented with flowers and citrus: hibiscus, rose hips, elderflower, hops and lime zest. The beautiful red color and zingy citric bite from the hibiscus flowers are fairly prominent, thus we found inspiration for the name from the hibiscus agua fresca one can find in Mexico called Jamaica (pronounce: Ha-mike-ah).


The beer has an interesting nose. Elderflower tends to give a tropical and herbal note, reminiscent of passionfruit with hints of chamomile. Rose hips have a rose/floral note but also give a citrusy punch. Hibiscus has a similar citrusiness, with a more fragrant flowery note for the aroma. A hint of fruity Amarillo hops and lime zest round out the aroma profile, with the different notes blending into an overall aroma we’d describe as bright – like morning sunshine.


The beer was kettle-soured, meaning it was given an initial sour fermentation in the brewhouse before moving to the fermenter to let the yeast work its magic and add the alcohol. It finished up on the drier side, hence the second part of the name “brut.”


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