Equity Opportunity

We are looking for sophisticated investors (it’s a legal term and doesn’t mean you’re into Krug Clos du Mesnil Blanc de Blancs Brut, Patek Philippe 1518 or Maybach Exelero) for a lucrative opportunity.

Why Invest In Gotahold Brewing?

You’ll help open the best brewery in Arkansas and possibly one of the best in the US. It won’t be for everybody, rather for those who like really quality and unique beers!

You’ll be bringing in tasty beverages to the thirsty mountain bikers who now frequent Eureka Springs. Did you know mountain bikers love craft beer? We’ve thankfully never heard a true mountain biker say, “What do you have that tastes like Bud Light?” more like, do you have beer we can take with us? (Of course we will!)

You’ll also support beer tourism and that will create jobs in a town that really needs some. And as a brewery focusing on sustainability, you’ll be making a difference for Mama Earth. Score!

What’s in it for you?

A generous return on investment, good feeling, and special privileges such as membership in our Founders Club. Plus, you get to brag to friends that you own a piece of a brewery. That’s pretty cool, yes?

Ready to learn more?

You can request an equity brochure by emailing dave@gotahold.beer and request a call to discuss more.