Space and Accommodations

Gotahold Brewing has a variety of options for your event. From a small, private meeting room that holds 8-10 people to the taprooms and beer forest, we have the space to create a comfortable and wonderful experience.

Meeting Room

Our private meeting room seats 8-10 people and has a wall perfect for projection. Wi-fi is included. Optional coffee and beer, catered pastries or lunch options available.


Our taproom can be rented as a shared option — you have all the tables reserved but access to the bathrooms for other guests are accessed through the taproom — or exclusive rental is available before 3 pm or after 7 pm. 
wedding special events gotahold brewing eureka springs, ar

Beer Forest

Our outdoor area was deemed a beer forest by a customer. With an acre of seating in the woods, we thought it was a fitting name. We have three levels in the beer forest — top, middle, and lower- along with the side run adjacent to taproom.
The lower level is available to rent completely and easily seats 30 or 50 cocktail style. It includes picnic tables, horseshoes and corn hole. The start of our 1 mile loop hiking trail is on this level.
The middle level can be partially or fully rented and seats 20 – 30 for food or 50-70 cocktail style. Additional tables can be rented to increase seating to 50. This level has a view of the stage and the “twin sisters”, two loblolly pines thought to be over 50 years old! Between the sisters would be a gorgeous space for a wedding.
The upper level has a stage and is under a 90 year old oak tree named Scout. This is for more quaint events seating or cocktail style is limited to 50 cocktail to protect the roots of the tree. Wendy and Dave renewed their vows under Scout. This is a beautiful space.
wedding in beer forest at Gotahold Brewing Eureka Springs
Various bar options are available, as well as catering options. We can also do an Exclusive Tasting Experience for you.
For more information, please email