KUAF – organization of the month (July 2021)

Fifty years ago, National Public Radio was started. We’ve been listening a long time.


Dave started in the 90’s when he was traveling between Empire Brewing locations in upstate New York. He remembers listening to WXXI for some of the cool music programming before, “I decided I needed to know my ass from my elbow” and started listening to the news and other shows.


Wendy remembers giving up TV in 1998 and listening to KERA in the evenings after work. She particularly enjoyed a show on Sunday evenings where actors would read short stories before Moth Radio Hour became popular and the music because it was so different than anything else she could find on the radio. That morphed into listening to the news and Fresh Air, Diane Rhem, Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me, The Car Guys, Splendid Table and Science Friday. KERA was her first public radio membership. She has since been a member of KJZZ, VPR, WFUV, and KUAF.

KUAF has amazing local programming. Ozarks At Large is, without a doubt, the best community oriented show out there! We deeply appreciated that KUAF carried the Governor’s weekly COVID updates so that if we in the car and unable to watch his Youtube channel, we could still hear it.


It’s such a treat to have local music shows such as Generic Blues Show, Shades of Jazz, and Pickin’ Post. We especially appreciate having diversity with Latino USA.


KUAF makes our life richer, more informed. That’s why we’ve chosen it as the organization for July and have a goal to raise $2000 through our #tipsfortransformation, art sales, and Mojo’s Vinyl Happy Hour. If you’d like to make a donation but can’t make it on a Thursday, please click here.

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