“Music is a moral law.

It gives soul to the universe,

wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination,

and charm and gaiety to life

and to everything.”


We love music. Not a little. A LOT.
While we enjoy the songs we know, grew up with, could hear a bagillion times, we also love discovering new music. There is so incredibly much talent in these here hills of Northwest Arkansas that it just seems like a crime not to feature the musicians who are writing and playing their own music.
Don’t expect to hear cover bands here. Do expect to hear some unexpected and often phenomenal talent doing their own thing and re-purposing the stuff we love while you sip a cold brew that was undoubtedly created while listening to good tunes.

Looking for a place to perform your originals?

SEND A SAMPLE OF YOUR WORK along with booking rates to wendy@gotahold.beer