Organization of the Month: Free Mom Hugs

Free Mom Hugs is our December Organization of the Month.

Wendy wanted to support an organization that supports the LGBTQ community for her birthday month. Wendy, though in a wonderful, loving marriage with a man, has always identified as bisexual. Her father is gay and now married to a man. Growing up, she experienced first hand the stigma of being LGBTQ, including her grandparents disapproval of their son. Living in Phoenix, AZ, Wendy worked with 1 and 10, a nonprofit organization that helped LGBTQ youth. They did tremendous work with homeless youth and this left a lasting impression on Wendy who taught yoga to the teens.

Members of Free Mom Hugs show up at Pride events to offer mom hugs. Sometimes a hug can make all the difference in the world. Here in Eureka Springs, we are working on several projects. One of which is to create a wedding directory, for both vendors and volunteers who will stand in as loving witnesses because we have so many weddings here and there are still places who will not wed LGBTQ couples.

We hope you’ll join us this month in celebrating Free Mom Hugs on #tipsfortransformation Thursdays.



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