So It Goes

Gotahold Brewing Eureka Springs AR
While there are many sour things about 2020 we’d love to stick out our tongues and blow a raspberry to, we are fully aware that tension is responsible for growth.
In a week that holds record COVID-19 infections, a Presidential election that will linger in the announcement of the winner for some time, we have to remember to embrace the tension, make peace with it, have some respectful dialogue with it and move on. No use will come of shrinking away when the worst has happened.
So it goes. A fitting name for our new raspberry sour. Made with real raspberries. You know, the delicious little berry with annoying little seeds. Take the good with the bad, the bad with the good. Few things are absolute or perfect. This beer, is damn close.
Turn off the tv and social media. Go take a drive, take a hike and come have a raspberry sour and remember, all this we’re going through shall pass. We’ll get through it together. Maybe better, maybe worse. Who knows?
So it goes.

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