Tasting Notes: Cicatrix IPA

Cicatrix IPA

Pronounce shick-a-ticks, it means scar of a healed wound.

This 5.7% IPA pours a lovely clear golden yellow with a bright white head, leaving delicate lacing in the glass.

Aromatics of thick dankness with juicy citrus fruits and resin lead you into bright, distinct flavors of citrus zest and a pithy bitterness with a dry, lightly floral bite and notes of pine on the palate. Rindy lime lingers with a moderate bitterness.

Silky smooth and medium bodied, a super sippable/crushable beer.

Enjoy with chile relleno, chips and salsa (or queso!), tacos, grilled fish, and vindaloo. Maybe try with carrot cake or a fruity sorbet!

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