Tasting notes: Oktoberfest 2023

Malty, toasty, caramel

Roasty malts are first up with a warm caramel sweetness rising from the glass; Invoking a sense of fall with thoughts of cooler weather on the horizon.

Soft and round with a creamy texture, accentuated by mild carbonation. Caramel notes offer a light sweetness on the palate, accompanied by toasty notes of warm crusty bread. A light bitterness balances with a subtle floral hoppiness, lingering delicately and melding into each successive sip.

Try pairing with: roast or smoked pork, brats and sauerkraut, soft pretzels, roast veggies, or black bean and sweet potato taquitos!

For dessert, try with: cheesecake, snickerdoodles, and churros with chocolate sauce!

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