Brewer’s notes: Quotidian Pint Pilsner

Gotahold Brewing Quotidian Pint PilsnerQuotidian Pint is a Pilsner of the sort one encounters in Northern Germany: crispy, light in color and quenching. Lighter in body and on the drier side, this beer nonetheless has a lovely malt backbone balanced by a fairly prominent, but soft bitterness. We added a light touch of dry hops  – Tettnanger hops in this case – to give the beer some hoppy, slightly herbal aromatics.


This is our first experience brewing with a malted barley made from the Barke variety of barley, and the grain lived up to its billing. Barke is a grain that had fallen out of favor among German farmers because it is harder to grow than more modern varieties, but it is well-liked by brewers and is renowned for making excellent lighter beers with a clean, crisp malt profile. It was revived in recent years by the Weyermann Malting Company in Bamberg, and we’re happy to have it at our disposal for beers like this one.


Quotidian means daily; we brewed this a kind of daily bread – a nice refreshing pint to enjoy at the end of a summer day’s work or play.


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