Not a beer on the beach

“Strange days, indeed. Most peculiar, mama.” -The Beatles
Well, in the years we’ve been planning on opening this brewery, with all the contingencies we prepared for, never did we anticipate a pandemic. Now, we follow the news closely every day. Dave monitors the economic news, Wendy the state, local, and health news. All we know for sure is that we know very little.
We, like everyone else in Eureka Springs, are watching and waiting for what will happen between now and the end of the month when the school (theoretically) re-open. Certainly business in town has slowed, events are (rightfully) being cancelled. Our tanks for brewing are, well, not here. And may not make it by May 1. (heavy sigh)
There is still lots to do here. Especially the stuff neither of us want to do, but need to do like SOP’s, employee handbook, etc. There’s still a taproom to set-up and now that spring is here, a lot of outdoor work to be done.
Will we open at the end of May? That remains to be seen. We are keeping our eyes on that prize and doing all we can to meet that expectation. In the meantime, we have lots left to do and this is where we focus one day at a time.
While the Corona we’re all experience the effects of is not a beer on the beach, we hope you are finding silver linings and opportunities in this time of uncertainty. We send well-wishes and peace from our family to yours. Remember to wash your hands a lot, practice kindness, patience and generosity. We’re all in this together.

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