Gotahold Brewing Eureka Springs

“Go make a ruckus.” -Seth Godin

Make a commotion. Make a disturbance. Make a ruckus. Do it to make things better and to make better things.
Making a ruckus, in Seth’s words, is about doing “the hard work of showing up with insight, assertions, and kindness…Doing the generous work, work on behalf of those we seek to serve. The opportunity to shine a light, open a door and lead.”  Gotahold Brewing Eureka Springs AR

Ruckus, our coffee stout, is made with 3 pounds of Costa Rican beans roasted by Nujava Coffee. This isn’t our first collaboration together and it won’t be our last. Nujava, like us, is committed to making a ruckus and working generously. Every day, we strive to do something to help the environment, improve equality and economic justice, contribute to our community.
It’s easy to think of the enormity of some of the problems in this world and think, “What can I do about it?” We are each leaders because we all have a circle of influence, which provides an opportunity to show up, be generous and kind. We each have an opportunity to add beauty to the world we live in. When each of us embrace these opportunities to make a rucks, positive changes happen.
While others argue and point fingers, we invite you to try a Ruckus coffee stout and ponder what kind of ruckus you can make generously, with kindness in your world. We’re all in this together y’all.
Go make a rucks.

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