Safe Space

We strive to create a space to drink great beer or be with folks drinking great beer. A safe space for families, friends, co-workers. Safe space means it doesn’t matter your race, gender, or sexual preference. It means when you walk through our doors, we want to treat you with respect and dignity. We expect the same for you.

Over the weekend, while Pondering and Pints book club met in the beer garden and had an incredible discussion about racism, colorist, corporate responsibility, leading, wealth discrepancies, and how all of us have far more in common than we often realize. One participant sent a follow-up text the next day:
“We are certainly impacted mentally and emotionally by what’s happening around us, but know we consider your beer garden a “safe haven”and a safe place to be open, vulnerable and show others that spaces like yours exist.”
Another posted a comment on our Instagram:
“Thank you for creating such  space for these crucial conversations. It is you who are making transformational change in our community.  Keep leading, keep pushing. Together, nothing can stop us from making a world all of us can be proud of.”
Yes. Together. All of us, acting with integrity, respect, dignity, curiosity to make this world a better place for all, not just some.
We need all our guests and team to feel safe and to be able to safely communicate to our team when they do not so that we can intervene and maintain a safe space. There is now a message on the side of the sinks in the unisex bathrooms that our guests can share with a team member to let us know when integrity, respect, or dignity have been violated. We will address the situation immediately.
We choose to believe that, despite differences in values and beliefs, everyone who walks through our door is a trust-worthy human with good intentions. Sometimes, people make poor choices, particularly when alcohol is involved. If that happens, we will ask them to leave and in certain circumstances, we’ll ask the person not to return for the safety of our team and guests. It sucks for everyone when found in that situation, however, we will consistently act with integrity to maintain safety.
It’s that simple. It’s our promise to us and to you.

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